Tips for Writing Exam Essays

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There are two steps of taking any essay exam irrespective of the subject and discipline. It is obvious that before taking an exam you should prepare well and practice. This is the first one while another is the process of giving an answer to your exam question in your essay. Let’s discuss these major steps for you to take a final step with flying colors.

Step 1. Preparation for the Exam.

Many students fail at the exam because they consider that preparation of 20 minutes at the door of the exam room is enough to get an excellent mark. They are wrong because the preparation for writing a good essay at the exam should start at least in 2 days. Below are some tips for you.

Predict test questions. It is easier than you expect. Imagine that you are an instructor. What questions would you ask? Reread the questions from the last exam to see how it is related to your course.

Practice essay writing. As there are many theories you have been studying during the course, try to remind them by making summaries. A brief description of the points discussed would make all theories clear and understandable.

Memorize the major facts, names, figures and events. While writing, your argument should be supported by the listed notions.

Organize your ideas. No matter what question you will have to give answer to, structuring your ideas is the key requirement of you. It not only helps you but also your professor to see that you are aware of the topic and spent some time on preparation process.

Step 2. Taking an Exam.

Once you get a question, do not start writing an answer immediately. Remember that haste makes waste. Instead, write down all information you have memorized for an exam. Read the question attentively, paying attention to all parts of the question. You’d better start writing with a paragraph that includes information on the topic, argument and the key issues to be discussed. Organize your ideas in a logical way and write a summarizing outline of an essay. Make a persuasive argument supported by strong evidences. After you write an essay, reread it for mistakes and the coherency.

Take time to get ready for the exam and you will be assessed with the highest mark!