The OPS Plan

May 23, 2013 8:51 pm


The OPS program model takes a three-pronged approach:   Brokering, Inspiring, and Disseminating.


OPS supports partnerships between public schools and their communities by serving as a “broker” during the design, development and implementation of community/school projects.  As an education broker, we stand ready to bridge, link and mediate.


OPS inspires by sharing the stories of successful community/school partnerships throughout the U.S. We film inspirational, documentary videos that explain how a community and/or a public school identified a need and how they  responded to that need through transformational partnerships.


OPS disseminates these stories online at and social media; and offline via town halls, workshops, printed material, interactive games and professional curriculum. Through this continued process of connecting, dialoguing, and sharing, OPS links people with passion to programs that work.

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