Media Impact Forum: Innovation for the next four years

May 24, 2013 4:14 pm

OPS Executive Producer Mark Wolf and Executive Director Judy Hall, participated in the January 2013 Media Impact Forum at Stanford University, to expand our knowledge about the challenges and potential of innovation in media and technology to improve society.

Participants heard from more than twenty inspiring media groundbreakers, including: writer & storyteller, Neal Baer MD; journalist & author David Bornstein; international social media leader, Beth Kanter; Mother Jones publisher Steve Katz; and President of the Web’s largest volunteer engagement network, Greg Baldwin.

Presentations were followed by productive group discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and a tour of the Stanford Design School, which is creating the next generation of thought-leaders, and equipping them with the skills to design solutions to the complex challenges facing industry, society and our planet.


Neal Baer

david-bornsteinDavid Bornstein beth-kanterBeth Kanter
steve-katzSteve Katz greg-baldwin
Greg Baldwin

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