Kai Makana Restores a Broken Island

May 17, 2013 3:54 pm

Kai Makana takes an active role in educating and mobilizing the public to better understand and preserve marine life and the ocean environment. Through educational youth mentorship and community-based programs, Kai Makana motivates people to protect, preserve, and respect the ocean as an ecosystem central toour health, wellness and happiness. To that end, Kai Makana’s educational format fosters an intergenerational and multi-cultural value based on experiential learning environment.

Additional Info

  • Program Name: Kai Makana
  • Program Mission: ”Our vision is a healthy viable ocean environment sustained by youth, family, and communities who actively participate to preserve, protect and care for our ocean and marine life. We envision a world where people show respect for the ocean through their everyday actions. We believe that family participation and community prescribed allocation of responsibility and accountability, are essential to effective and efficient outcomes that are meaningful to the community itself, as well as to our youth. “
  • Program State: Hawai’i
  • Program City: Honolulu
  • Address: P.O. Box 22719 Honolulu HI 96823
  • Phone: (808) 282-8012
  • Web Site: Kai Makana
  • Length: 3:12
  • State: HI

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