Many Christians believe that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is near with judgment according to the deeds of mankind. This paper addresses the Christian hope and the eternal life as they wait for the second advent of Christ. Eschatology According to Clawson. (2001), eschatology is the Christian theology that deals with the biblical study […]

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How To Write a Comparative Essay

  What is a comparative essay? This type of an essay requires you to compare at least two items. For example, you may be asked to compare figures, texts, theories, events, positions on an issue. When you are given to write a comparative essay, you should consider similarities and differences of the contrasted items. ABCs […]

Tips for Organizing an Admission Letter

Tips for Writing an Admission Letter

Applying for a school or university is an important step that should be taken only when you have a perfect admission letter at hands. An admission letter says more about you than you can even expect. Consider the following issues while creating your winning admission letter: Become focused. When you answer the question, make sure […]

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Tips for Writing a Science Essay

Writing about the conceptual problems is not an easy task but a useful one because it clarifies your thinking. Actually, writing makes you think and analyze. You cannot write a science essay without providing reasons for your suggestions, arguments and evidences. Using the language is the best way of clarifying the thoughts. What does scientific […]


Tips for Writing a History Essay

Before starting to write a history essay, let’s make it clear for you what a primary and secondary source documents are. A document that was created by participants of the time you have chosen to investigate, a document created at the time the events happened is called a primary source. The main peculiarity that makes […]

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Tips for Writing Exam Essays

There are two steps of taking any essay exam irrespective of the subject and discipline. It is obvious that before taking an exam you should prepare well and practice. This is the first one while another is the process of giving an answer to your exam question in your essay. Let’s discuss these major steps […]


Writing a Laboratory Report

A laboratory report is difficult to write as each professor has his own requirements and there are no standards for writing it. However, any laboratory report aims at documenting the findings and revealing their significance. This helped us create general lab report’s format and its basic components. Having these points in mind, you can apply […]

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Writing Cover Letter and Application Letter

Among the most important documents written during university time are cover letter (CV) and application letter. Depending on the quality of the writing, you will either get the desirable job or fail. We are here to help you achieve success in your future life. Check out what qualities employers expect to see in your application […]


Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Before you start writing an annotated bibliography, make sure you know enough about this type of assignment. Firstly, you should define whether your annotated bibliography is a separate project or a part of the larger one. Anyway, it is always written in an alphabetical list and presents the account of the research done on a […]

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Writing the Abstract

Do you know what an abstract is? It is a short description of a written document which is often required of students to be handed in along with other papers. The main purpose of any abstract is to provide relevant information about the document so that readers could get the bare-bones information on the content […]