Association of Small Foundations (ASF) 2012 Conference

May 24, 2013 4:05 pm

Association of Small Foundations (ASF) 2012 Conference

Small Assets, Big Impact: Leveraging Through Collaboratives


On October 8, 2012, Dr.  Maya Soetoro-Ng, M.A., Ph.D., co-founder of Our Public School (OPS) served as the lead facilitator of the ASF site session, Small Assets, Big Impact: Leveraging Through Collaboratives.

This site session departed from Pier 40 on the San Francisco Bay! Participants boarded an educational ship from the Marine Science Institute and traveled into the bay to meet with members of two Bay Area/Silicon Valley funder collaboratives — the Out of School Time Collaborative (OSTC) and the Environmental Education Funders Collaborative (EEFC) — and some of their nonprofit grantees. Using entirely different models and approaches, the two collaboratives are illustrative of how ASF members are dramatically leveraging the impact of their grants, strengthening nonprofits and schools, and enjoying greater fulfillment in their work — with their dollars, expertise, and connections — to achieve success.

In its role as a nonprofit that promotes best practices in effective community-school engagement, OPS is currently engaged in three related projects that are pertinent to this ASF site session: 1) producing video documentaries of the Bay Area’s Science by Natureand Los Angeles’ Education by Nature collaboratives; 2) seeding a new environmental education collaborative in Hawaii; and 3) creating curriculum for colleges of education, in the area of community engagement and leveraging community talents and resources.


Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng leading session with OSTC panelists (l to r) Ash McNeely, Sand Hill Foundation and Joe Ross, Citizen School; EEFC panelists (l to r) Carol Olson, Morgan Family Foundation and Susanne Mulcahy, Science by Nature.


Marine Science Institiute Staffer with session attendees


 Marine Science Institute Instructor on S.F. Bay


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