How to Get Rid of the Most Common Essay Writing Errors

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Some people are blessed with natural writing talents but many of us dread the thought of even having to write essay. Writing is a complex and serious task and not just a matter of selecting a few words. Things like editing, formatting, correcting grammar and spelling mistakes all need to be taken into account and handled with assurance. Writing an effective essay requires considerable effort. As a student, the papers you have to write can make or break your grade. Writing could be regarded as the reflection of a writer’s soul. If you would like some advice on avoiding common essay writing errors and how to make a good impression on your readers, read on.

Mistake 1: Depending too much on Spell Check

Without a doubt, programs and applications that check spelling are invaluable inventions. Correct spelling will certainly improve your grades. Even if you have not installed a specialized software program, your computer incorporates a spell checker, thesaurus and grammar check application by default. However, you should be aware that these computer applications are not 100% correct. Some words that are spelt exactly the same way but have absolutely different meanings. A word spelt correctly but having the wrong meaning in the context of your essay will not be spotted by a spell check program.

Mistake 2: Improper Person

A very common mistake is the incorrect use of the first and third persons – the second person is hardly ever used. A writer should use the third person when addressing the target audience. The first person approach is only used when a writer wants to present his or her personal point of view.

Mistake 3: Not Proofreading the Essay

The importance of proofreading cannot be overestimated. Careful proofreading ensures that everything you have written is correct. The importance of proofreading is evident in the fact that a paper with no grammatical or spelling errors can increase your grades by 15 to 20% – these points can boost your career. It is advisable to get somebody else to proofread your essay for you before you do it yourself. Getting a fresh opinion of your writing from someone else will help you make sure everything is lucid.

Listen to the advice and opinions of your instructor and fellow students. Pay close attention to their feedback and try to use it positively. Making mistakes and correcting them is no reason to lose confidence in your work, in fact it will make you even better; no one starts from the top. When you start writing you will inevitably make mistake, everybody does. Never underestimate your talents. The best way to polish your writing skills is to keep on writing.